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Z2A CAD offerings for customers

Z to A Design Solutions offers a wide range of E-CAD and M-CAD services

  • PCB Schematic Development
  • PCB Layout Design
  • PCB Library Creation

IPC-7351 Standards implementation and library database maintenance

  • EMI / EMC Compliance
  • Safety Compliance
  • SignaI Integrity Analysis
  • Power Integrity Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • High Speed Digital Board Design
  • RF/Microwave Board Design
  • Dense Board and High Count Layer Board Design
  • PCB CAM Data
  • Board Fabrication
  • Board Assembly
  • DFM, DFA/DFT Analysis
  • Schematics & Layout Modification and Re-generation
  • CAD translation between different customer design tools for schematics & layout
  • Mechanical CAD
  • Plastic, Sheet Metal, Die Cast Enclosures Design & Tooling
  • Heat Flow Analysis & Cooling Design
  • Heat Sinks, Mounting Brackets Design & Development

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