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Signal / Power Integrity Analysis

Many PCB CAD engineers do not have the knowledge or skill sets to design your boards correctly.

At Z To A Design Solutions, our design engineers bring in a wealth of experience in designing the boards correctly with emphasis on the key parameters necessary in Digital and RF product designs.

  • Cross Talk Analysis
  • Timing & Jitter Analysis
  • End-to-End Channel Behaviour Analysis
  • Eye Diagrams & BER Analysis
  • Characteristic Impedance Analysis
  • VSWR, Dielectric Loss and Insertion Loss Optimization
  • Voltage & Current Distribution Analysis
  • Decoupling Effectiveness Analysis and Optimization
  • Copper thickness design & optimization for each layer
  • Current through via holes and plating thickness optimization
  • Creerpage Distance and Safety Margin Optimization
  • EMI /EMC compliance and Filter Design Optimization

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